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Lipostick Fit course for 1 month is an innovative product for safe weight loss. Created from natural ingredients using liposomal technology, due to which it has high efficiency and bioavailability. Suitable for those who want to correct their figure without grueling workouts and strict diets.

Set for a month of admission, consists of 4 packs of the product.

  • promotes active "burning" fat cells;
  • prevents the formation of fatty deposits;
  • helps control appetite, preventing overeating;
  • replenishes the deficiency of nutrients necessary for normal metabolism;
  • improves the quality of sleep.

A patented complex of flavonoids from fermented mandarin peel (Citrus reticulata) with a high concentration of nobiletin and hesperidin, which speed up metabolism and increase daily energy expenditure. Due to this, excess fat is not deposited, but is intensively burned by the body. At the same time, there is no feeling of hunger, and the craving for food decreases.

Green coffee bean extract contains chlorogenic acid, which enhances the breakdown of fats and also helps regulate blood glucose levels. Chromium, which is part of green coffee beans, helps control appetite and reduces hunger.

Green tea leaf extract is rich in polyphenols — powerful plant antioxidants that protect the body from early aging, strengthen blood vessels, stimulate the breakdown of fats and speed up metabolism.

L-carnitine — vitamin-like substance, which is an effective biostimulator. Accelerates the burning of fats and prevents the formation of new fatty deposits, including atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels. Increases endurance and performance.

Noni juice is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Strengthens the immune system, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, increases physical activity.

The patented Bioperine black pepper fruit extract contains 95% of the active substance piperine. Piperine, in synergy with mandarin flavonoids, controls the formation of fat cells, improves the absorption of nutrients, and increases the effectiveness of the Lipostick Fit formula as a whole.

Lipostick Fit is packaged in hermetic portion sticks that are convenient to take with you. This tasty and healthy drink does not need to be washed down or diluted in water: just open and drink. Keep your weight under control without changing your lifestyle with Lipostick Fit.

Product reviews

A chic product and, interestingly, a lot of nice bonuses, in addition to losing weight!
Hi all!
Among the Coral Club products, I have another favorite - this is Lipostick Fit!
I take the product for the 3rd month in a row, and I hasten to share my observations!
Well, first of all, I can say 100%
- taste habits are changing, namely - there is no craving for sweets at all!
- the appetite becomes very moderate, you eat up in small portions - accordingly, the weight melts and goes away gradually, systematically, beautifully without harm to health.
That is, this is the product that helps to reduce weight through changes in habits!
- skin quality changes, skin turgor improves, unevenness disappears, complexion improves.
- sleep improves by 100%, it becomes strong and deep (sleep has always been somehow superficial, very sensitive (after the birth of children, it became so, I think this is a problem for many mothers).

Now this problem is gone! This day you feel cheerful! I can 100% say that Lipostick Fit has a beneficial effect on hair growth and eyelashes. Improves the process of digestion.
And this is just the beginning, what will happen next?!
I recently joined Coral Club. I started with the 90 days program. Such results, I want to share with you.
To begin with, after taking our products, I noticed that my sugar returned to normal, I am a diabetic with 8 years of experience.
At the moment, I do not take sugar pills at all and after passing the tests, the doctor confirmed that the sugar is normal.
My cholesterol has dropped. I lost 11 kg and this is in 2 months, without physical. loads.
The headaches are gone.
In the morning I had some kind of cough, now it has disappeared. The general well-being has also changed.
I became more energetic, lightness appeared, my mood changed.

Yes, lately the weight has become harder to go down, and as soon as I added Lipostick fit, as the push happened, it went down again.

I hope my results will inspire someone, I think it is very important when there are some examples.
I wish you all good results and good health!

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