Safrino (30 vegetable capsules)

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Helps to find emotional balance during daily and repetitive stress, reduce tension and irritability, improve mood and sleep quality.

  • Helps restore emotional balance during stress, including PMS and menopause, improve mood and sleep quality, reduce the impact of stress on the heart, maintaining a normal heart rate.
  • 30 mg of proprietary Safr'Insidesaffron extract and 350 mg of myo-inositol in 1 capsule.
  • Convenient reception 1 time per day.

Proprietary extract of saffron Safr'Inside

This is the first and only patented saffron extract in Europe — the result of 7 years of scientific research by Activ'Inside from France. It is obtained from high-quality Iranian Sargol saffron, which is rich in active ingredients — safromotivins (crocin, picrocrocin and safranal), known for their ability to resist stress. The patented Tech'care Extraction extract technology preserves the high concentration of safromotivines and their unique natural profile.

In 2018, Safr'Inside was a finalist for the NutraIngredients Awards Asia, and in 2021 — NutraIngredients Awards Europe finalist.

Safr'Inside has been clinically observed to increase serotonin by 50% and reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) by 44%.

Myo-inositol — the active form of inositol, easily absorbed by the body. Myo-inositol is found in some fruits, legumes, nuts and is self-synthesized by the body. Plays an important role in glucose metabolism — a source of energy for the brain, necessary for the physiological effects of serotonin and dopamine, which increases stress resistance, helps reduce anxiety and irritability.

How to use

Adults take 1 capsule daily with food. Duration of reception — 1 month.


Individual intolerance to the components of the product, pregnancy, lactation. Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Storage method

Store in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children, at a temperature of 15-25°C.

Expiry date

2 years from production date.

Country of production


Active Ingredients
1 capsule % NA*
Inositol (myo-inositol)
350 mg +
Saffron Stigma Extract (Crocus sativus L.) (Safr'Inside)
30 mg +
Zinc (zinc oxide)
2.3 mg 23%

Auxiliary components: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsule), magnesium salt of stearic acid (anti-caking agent).
* norms of daily consumption
+Daily dose not determined.
Safr'Inside is a registered trademark of Activ'Inside SAS, France.
Net weight 14.9 g

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Questions about the product

Where I can buy Safrino (30 vegetable capsules) in Aarau?
Store address information in Aarau is missing. You can order Safrino (30 vegetable capsules) via the Internet on our website. It will be delivered to your city.
How much is Safrino (30 vegetable capsules) costs? What price of in Aarau?
The catalog contains an approximate cost of Safrino (30 vegetable capsules). Specify the cost of Safrino (30 vegetable capsules) with the manager when ordering.
How I can buy Safrino (30 vegetable capsules) in Aarau?
Use the "Buy" button on the page. You will be taken to the product page in the Coral Club in Aarau. Fill out the order form (phone number, name, delivery address, etc.). Expect Delivery.
If it a real reviews of Safrino (30 vegetable capsules)?
We have posted real reviews on Safrino (30 vegetable capsules), left by buyers themselves on our website.
Why is the price for Safrino (30 vegetable capsules) so low?
The price is indicated with a discount of 20%. This discount is activated to all members of the Coral Club. In order to buy Safrino (30 vegetable capsules) with a discount, you need to register (it's free and won't take long).
Where I can buy Safrino (30 vegetable capsules) in a pharmacy in Aarau? Price?
If you are interested in which pharmacy you can buy Safrino (30 vegetable capsules), then we inform you that Safrino (30 vegetable capsules) is not sold in pharmacies of in Aarau. You can order Safrino (30 vegetable capsules) via the Internet on our website with delivery to Aarau.
What is the composition of the product?
1 daily dose (1 capsule) contains: Myo-inositol - 350 mg, Safr'Inside™ saffron stigma extract - 30 mg, Zinc (zinc oxide in the capsule shell) - 2.3 mg.
How can Safrino help?
  • help to find emotional balance;
  • will support a good mood;
  • improve the quality of sleep;
  • in women, relieve the symptoms of PMS and menopause;
  • improve the condition of the skin and hair.
How to take Safrino?
Adults over 18 years of age, 1 capsule daily with food. The course of admission is 30 days.
Can Safrino be taken for longer than 1 month or on an ongoing basis?
If you need a longer use, you should consult with your doctor or Coral Club consultant doctor.
Is it possible to increase the dosage from 1 capsule per day to 2 or more with severe stress?
You must first consult with your doctor or a Coral Club consultant doctor.
When is the best time to take Safrino: morning, afternoon, evening?
The reception time does not matter. Although the saffron extract contained in the product may improve the quality of sleep, it does not have a sedative effect during the day. Improving the quality of sleep occurs due to the regulation of the nervous system.
Can children take the product?
No. The product is intended for adults over 18 years of age.
Можно ли принимать продукт беременным и кормящим женщинам и людям с хроническими заболеваниями?
Not recommended without prior consultation with your doctor.
Is the product suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, the product does not contain ingredients of animal origin.
Does the product contain allergens such as soy and gluten?
No, the product does not contain soy or gluten..
The product contains zinc. What function does it perform in the product?
Zinc is part of the capsule shell and provides its color. In the body, zinc supports the functioning of the immune and endocrine systems, is important for the normal condition of the skin, hair, nails..
Why is the product capsule opaque?
An opaque capsule has been chosen for the product to protect the herbal ingredients from exposure to sunlight and discoloration.
What is the product's shelf life?
2 years from issue date.
Who is producing the product?
The product is manufactured in Slovenia by ErgoPharma d.o.o.
How to properly store the product?
The product should be stored in its packaging, at a temperature not exceeding +25°C, away from direct sunlight. Remove the capsule from the blister immediately before use..
Which Coral Club products can be combined with this product, and which are not recommended?
Safrino can be combined with any Coral Club product, except laxatives and Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus and Colo-Vada Light.
When taken together, myo-inositol mutually enhances the action of vitamin B9 (folic acid), the action of myo-inositol is enhanced when taken together with coenzyme Q10, omega-3, carotenoids (vitamin A), myo-inositol enhances the action of tocopherol (vitamin E).