Coral Detox Plus (set of products)

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Coral Detox Plus – this is an extended version of the Coral Detox set, & nbsp; contributing to the natural elimination of toxins, protection and healing of cells, increasing vitality and strengthening immunity. 

Enhanced protection against toxic effects and a high level of energy!

In set: "Assimilator" (90 capsules), "H-500" (60 capsules), "Coral-Mine" (30 sachets), "Coral Lecithin" (120 capsules), "PentoKan" (2 packs), "Coral Alfalfa" (120 capsules).

«Assimilator» contributes to the quality breakdown of food and reduces the formation of toxins. Contains enzymes of plant origin with vitamins A and D.

"H-500"  contains a complex of antioxidants to protect the body from the effects of oxidative stress. Promotes the production of cellular energy and maintains the health and youth of cells.

"Coral-Mine" – a mineral composition from deep sea corals that optimizes the mineral balance of the body and actively removes water-soluble toxins.

"Coral Lecithin"  improves liver function – the main filter of the body.

As a source of natural phospholipids, it protects cell membranes from damage by toxins.

"PentoKan" – a unique combination of potassium, vitamin C and ribose, promotes the release of cellular energy and helps the body quickly recover from stress and intoxication.

"Coral Alfalfa" – a complex of plant components that increase vitality and positively affect the overall level of health. Alfalfa helps to quickly cope with intoxication, digestive disorders and other disorders of the internal organs.

Product reviews

Thanks to my consultant. Explained everything intelligibly. If you want to be healthy, be! The CORAL CLUB company is not a panacea, it does not sell magic pills, it does not produce wonderful dietary supplements that I ate and recovered! This does not happen! But this company teaches a healthy lifestyle and, following all the recommendations, allows you to solve existing health problems and avoid the emergence of new ones. This product really helped me! Visible results within a month! I'm happy, I'm glad, I'm grateful!!! You can believe anything, but only by checking it personally make sure of the truth. Be healthy!
I started drinking the Coral Detox Plus program.
I don't want to say big words.
Result for 1 month on the face. And not only)
The result is achieved without a special diet and training. I work 13 hours a day, really just don't have time to cook something special.
I am delighted. I continue to drink Coral Club products, including training and nutrition.
Yesterday I met my customer, who at one time looked at the Club for a long time ...
She constantly had questions, distrust, she was constantly looking for evidence of a "scam", etc.
Then, after all, she “descended” and took CORAL DETOX PLUS and she herself was VERY surprised at the result!
Naturally, she had a "polarity reversal" towards the Coral Club. And she decided to "try" our cosmetics "PRIVILEGE".
She constantly called me and wrote about her feelings - she likes everything!!! She breathlessly tells how the turgor of her skin changes, her complexion changes, deep wrinkles go away. How she daily "baths in compliments" from others and her subordinates (well, that's understandable).
BUT!!!! As the saying goes, it's BETTER TO SEE ONE TIME than hear 100 times!
Yesterday we met with her, and I myself was stunned ....
In front of me stood a completely different, rejuvenated, with shining eyes, velvety skin and a couple of sizes smaller GIRL (the word "woman" in her case is inappropriate, although she is a little over 50 ....)
I also received a lot of compliments from her!

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We have posted real reviews on Coral Detox Plus (set of products), left by buyers themselves on our website.
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The price is indicated with a discount of 20%. This discount is activated to all members of the Coral Club. In order to buy Coral Detox Plus (set of products) with a discount, you need to register (it's free and won't take long).
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