ALIVE funds buy in Abakan

ALIVE funds buy in Abakan

Household chemicals Alive™ – this is a minimum of effort and time + 100% result, just what demanding modern housewives appreciate. Alive™ is another brand of Coral Club – a new generation of detergents and detergents that are versatile, environmentally friendly and extremely economical to use.

However, the properties listed above are not enough to take a worthy place in the assortment of the Company, which has been associated with maintaining health, activity and longevity for more than 15 years.

Household chemicals from Coral Club sensitively monitor the cleanliness and order in the house, taking care not only of things, but also the health of their owners. 

In  Alive™ reflects the latest technologies that ensure maximum safety of use cleaning and laundry at home.

These are the means created by nature itself for everyone who cares not only about today, but also about tomorrow. To products from the Alive™ we can quote the words of the ancient Roman thinker Petronius:  «All the best in nature belongs to us». After all, they take from nature all the best that is in it, and generously share it with us to maintain a healthy ecological situation on the planet. In each of them, the necessary & nbsp; bioactive substances are stored in the right quantities, which are present in plant materials and determine the washing ability of the products. Moreover, the raw materials used in production are carefully controlled and selected before being sent to production. And the production itself is environmentally friendly and safe. This includes the latest energy-saving equipment, innovative technologies, strict control at all stages and constant work on improving the compositions and production processes.

Benefits of Home Products

  1. Means of "green" chemistry. They are distinguished by the absence of hazardous toxic substances, such as petroleum products, borates, phosphates, phosphonates, artificial fragrances and dyes. As part of Alive – only mild, environmentally friendly surfactants, organic acids, alkalis, natural flavors from essential oils of citrus and plants.
  2. They have excellent cleaning and washing properties. Alive products are highly effective in removing any stubborn dirt, including grease, dirt, lime deposits.
  3. Highly concentrated products. All Alive products are liquid or granular powder concentrates. When cleaning products, surfaces or washing dishes once, the concentrate consumes much less than a conventional washing gel, and it works much more efficiently. Therefore, in application, such a tool is not consumed so quickly, which will significantly save your money and time.
  4. 100% biodegradable ingredients. Each of Alive's herbal ingredients is almost 100% degradable into non-toxic organic compounds as soon as possible, and thus is harmless to the health of consumers and does not harm the environment.
  5. Hypoallergenic. The products are specially designed for people suffering from allergies, asthma and hypersensitivity to the chemical ingredients of household chemicals. They do not dry out the skin of the hands and do not cause irritation.
  6. Safe for sewerage and septic systems. All Alive household chemicals do not contain chemically aggressive components, and therefore are absolutely safe both for sewerage and for autonomous septic systems of country houses and summer cottages. Modern septic tanks are usually based on the work of  active bacteria that decompose waste, after which the filtered water is drained into the ground. And these bacteria are very sensitive to aggressive environments. Chlorine,  phosphates, refined petroleum products, synthetic fragrances, parabens and  other caustic chemicals, entering the system along with drains, destroy active bacteria, disrupting or nullifying the operation of the treatment plant.