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WARNING! The package and price of the set has changed. The 24/7 complex was excluded from the program and for the 3rd stage MSM was replaced by Coral Burdok Route.

"Healthy gut" – this is the first targeted program, which included products aimed at the comprehensive improvement of the intestines and digestion in general.

Healthy intestines – a guarantee of strong immunity, effective functioning of various body systems, beautiful appearance, cheerful well-being.

The program is designed for 30 days and consists of 3 consecutive stages of 10 days each.

Stage 1 – mild bowel cleansing. The processes of detoxification and excretion of waste products, toxins, parasites (helminths) are activated. The work of the gallbladder and kidneys improves.

Products used: Coral-Mine 10 sachets, Super-Flora, Zaferan, Coral Black Walnut , Papaya, Coral Alfalfa, Coral Lecithin, Coral Bourdock Root, Cascara Sagrada, Coral Carnitine.

2nd stage – normalization of the intestines due to the gradual restoration of beneficial microflora, improved digestion of food and absorption of nutrients.

Products used: Coral-Mine 10 sachets, Super-Flora, Zaferan, Coral Lecithin, Assimilator, Coral Artichoke, Coral Magnesium, AquaOx.

Stage 3 – restoration of normal functioning of the digestive tract, optimization of vitamin and mineral balance and metabolism in the body.

Products used: Coral-Mine 10 sachets, Super-Flora,  Papaya, Coral Alfalfa, Coral Magnesium, Coral Taurine, Omega 3/60Coral Burdock Root, Spirulina tablets.

During the application of the program, it is recommended to observe the drinking regime (at least 1.5 liters of water with the Coral-Mine mineral supplement) and follow the nutrition recommendations.

Product reviews

I have been using the company's product for 4 years and I give it to my daughter, and my mother has been using it for 7 years. The results were immediately visible on the face. Mom lost 14 kg of weight (it was 80 kg), neurodermatitis disappeared, varicose veins decreased significantly, spurs, bloating disappeared, menstruation returned to normal and many others. other. After the antiparasitic program, my daughter improved her appetite and strengthened her immunity (she used to suffer from bronchitis every month)! I got rid of a 40 cm parasite on Colo-Vada, my appearance improved, my eyes shone and my skin cleared up, headaches and aggressiveness with an indefatigable appetite disappeared. In general, a lot can be listed. now I save on a pharmacy because I don’t go to and don’t take my hard-earned money there for 5 years already, I fly, I look 2 times younger and I’m very satisfied. I will use it because there is nothing more effective and more important than health too. All SMART - join!
Fantastic box!
The richest composition. Ideal for starting and recovering from Colo Vada
I love shopping for teenagers. Quick result in clearing acne skin.
This is my favorite program!!! While I am a breastfeeding mother
The herpes is gone.
3 months I live without this bug.
And also because of stress I lost sleep, for three months until 2-3-4 o'clock in the morning I could not fall asleep.
RETURNED ME to a healthy sleep, now I go to bed and fall asleep!
Super program!
I recommend to everyone. And pass lightly and the effect is super!
During these 5 years I have a lot of results:

- products of the coral club restored her health after a hypertensive crisis,
- after the antiparasitic program and the target program "Healthy intestines", the work of the pancreas improved.

My granddaughter, after undergoing an antiparasitic program, had parasites that could be seen in her stool.

My last result:
I am 60 years old, but I have so much energy that I never get tired.
I wasn't like this when I was 40.

I am very grateful to the coral club for the products and my consultant for the help and education.
I wish you all good health!
I have always considered myself a healthy person.
Everyone has some kind of health problem and I had them too.
Irregular stools, fatigue in the morning, by the evening there was absolutely no strength and energy left, headaches, frequent colds.
I was offered a 90 day wellness program.
I did not immediately hear and thought that I get "everything" from food and bowel cleansing - for "strange" people ..
The health situation was getting worse, so I decided to contact you and find out more.
Passed the program of 90 days of healing the body, then the program in the box "healthy intestines".
Now I understand how a healthy person feels and lives!
Now I can call myself a healthy person!
I'm fine. My stomach does not hurt at all, I wake up well-rested, cheerful all day and even in the evening, now I am often asked how I maintain such efficiency until late in the evening.
Now I get sick less often. I feel great. I know for sure that this course is for everyone who wants to feel like a healthy person, when nothing hurts and a lot of energy.
I hope my review will help someone make a choice in favor of health.
And don't hesitate, like me.
And do not wait until it bites, do it right away and be healthy!
Great thing. I bought on the recommendation, so the result is expected
Delivered very quickly.
The result, as they say, was not long in coming. All expectations were met
Thank you. Special thanks to the managers for the advice. In general, I advise everyone.

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