Silver-Max Care (118 ml)

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Silver-Max Properties

  • Contains colloidal silver – effective antiseptic.
  • It is quickly excreted from the body without accumulating and without causing skin pigmentation (argyria).
  • Manufactured with SilverSol Technology®, which ensures the high bioavailability and potency of silver.

Silver Max Application

  • Accept ½ teaspoon per day 30 minutes before meals, dilute in a glass of water beforehand. The duration of admission is 10 days.

Main components of Silver-Max

Colloidal Silver

Effectively acts on more than 350 types of pathogenic bacteria, including staphylococci and Helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach ulcers. Silver has a bactericidal effect: penetrating into an infected cell, it blocks the respiratory function of the bacterium and closes the flow of nutrients to it. It does not harm healthy cells. Silver binds to tissue proteins and forms a protective layer, promoting rapid cleansing and healing. How an antiseptic helps in the prevention of respiratory infections (SARS, influenza).

Silver Max Squad

  • Purified silver in concentration

  • Purified water

Product reviews

Even in our usual living conditions, serious injuries can occur. It happened to me as well.
Those who live in old houses with gas water heaters will understand me perfectly.
One fine evening, my speaker decided to pour boiling water over my leg.
As a result - a second-degree burn on half of the leg. The area of ​​the burn was 2% of the body.
I started taking Coral Club products 2-3 days after I got burned.
My diet included: protivitis, msm, alfalfa against the background of coral detox.
Directly on the surface of the burn, I used silver max (sprayed before changing the dressing), and also mixed emu oil with silver gel (smeared along the contour of the burn).

I can say with confidence that I got a very fast and visible result, which surprised even my doctor.
Two weeks later - complete epithelialization, I avoided open wounds, crusts and of course the scars that I was so afraid of.
As a result, I had a new pink skin, without any painful sensations. After 2.5 weeks, I was able to enter the usual rhythm of life, wear any clothes and remove the bandage. Now I continue to use emu oil to even out skin pigmentation ...
How many times has Colloidal Silver helped my grandchildren!
And today it helped me too: severe conjunctivitis began.
She dripped with silver and ... after a few hours - her eyes were clean and there was no trace left.
I advise everyone to have this product in the first aid kit!
The first assistant in many diseases and for prevention!!!
Hello! I want to share my experience about Coral Club products.
We have been using the products recently, but... the results are impressive.
I cured purulent otitis media and eustachitis for my son with colloidal silver, all this without antibiotics and medications that pharmaceutical companies offer us.

Questions about the product

Where I can buy Silver-Max Care (118 ml) in Abakan?
Store address information in Abakan is missing. You can order Silver-Max Care (118 ml) via the Internet on our website. It will be delivered to your city.
How much is Silver-Max Care (118 ml) costs? What price of in Abakan?
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Use the "Buy" button on the page. You will be taken to the product page in the Coral Club in Abakan. Fill out the order form (phone number, name, delivery address, etc.). Expect Delivery.
If it a real reviews of Silver-Max Care (118 ml)?
We have posted real reviews on Silver-Max Care (118 ml), left by buyers themselves on our website.
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The price is indicated with a discount of 20%. This discount is activated to all members of the Coral Club. In order to buy Silver-Max Care (118 ml) with a discount, you need to register (it's free and won't take long).
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