Set Go Pack (set of products)

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Set " Go Pack" – a harmonious combination of five popular Coral Club products that help:

  • Improve the digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems,
  • Eliminate toxins, improve metabolism and cope with stress.
  • Increase energy levels, performance, immunity
  • Improve cognition, mood, skin condition
  • Normalize digestion and intestinal peristalsis, metabolism, «sleep– wakefulness»
  • Reduce fatigue, irritability, disease risk

A turnkey solution for those who are taking their first steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

Main components of the Go Pack


Mineral composition for conditioning drinking water from deep-sea scleractinian corals collected in the Sea of ​​Japan. Enriches water with useful minerals and restores the water-salt balance of the body, normalizing the functioning of all organs and systems.

  • Increases the physiological usefulness of water
  • Normalizes the mineral balance in the body
  • Improves the taste of water


Lecithin protects cell membranes from damage and helps repair already damaged ones. It activates intellectual activity, reduces irritability and nervousness, and reduces the risk of heart disease. Lecithin accelerates the recovery of liver tissue under the toxic effects of drugs, viruses, alcohol, nicotine. Helps maintain the quality of vision.

  • Contributes to the normalization of the brain
  • Helps in the work of the cardiovascular system
  • Supports Liver Health


"The fruit of good health" - a source of beneficial papain and lipase enzymes – involved in the digestion and absorption of proteins. Papaya contains the enzyme lysozyme, which destroys the cell wall of bacteria and fungi, is involved in the regulation of immune and metabolic processes, and has antioxidant activity. Also, this fruit contains easily digestible sugars, proteins, vitamins C, B1, B2, carotene, potassium, magnesium, calcium.

  • Improves the digestive process
  • Promotes the full absorption of protein
  • Provides the body with valuable nutrients


A synbiotic that combines probiotics (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli) with the prebiotic inulin. Beneficial microorganisms improve digestion and metabolism, participate in the synthesis of vitamins and enzymes, and help strengthen the immune system. Inulin – at the same time a source of dietary fiber and a good sorbent, due to which it stimulates the growth of its own beneficial microflora in the large intestine, improves peristalsis, and helps to eliminate toxins.

  • Promotes the growth and population of beneficial bacteria
  • Heals the intestinal microflora
  • Helps boost immunity and improve metabolism


Safe natural antidepressant, contains extract of griffonia seeds vitamin B6 and B12. Griffonia is a source of the amino acid 5-HTP, acting in synergy with vitamins B6 and B12, the product promotes the natural production of serotonin – "hormone of happiness", which helps to improve mood, increase stress resistance, restore healthy sleep phases.

  • Helps to cope with stress and tension
  • Improves emotional state, reducing anxiety and irritability
  • Helps restore healthy sleep

Set "Go Pack" – your first step towards a more active, productive and comfortable life!

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Where I can buy Set Go Pack (set of products) in Aberdar?
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The catalog contains an approximate cost of Set Go Pack (set of products). Specify the cost of Set Go Pack (set of products) with the manager when ordering.
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We have posted real reviews on Set Go Pack (set of products), left by buyers themselves on our website.
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