LymFlow (90 Capsules)

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LimFlow Properties

  • A complex of well-known plant components to improve lymphatic drainage and improve vascular blood flow.
  • Maintains the elasticity and strength of blood vessels.

LimFlow Application

  • Adults take 1 capsule 3 times a day with meals.

The main components of LimFlow

Cherry stem extract

It enhances the circulation of the interstitial fluid (lymph), provides vascular drainage and promotes the removal of excess fluid and toxins. The coumarins present in the cherry reduce blood clotting, preventing the formation of blood clots.

Blackcurrant leaf extract

Promotes vasodilation, increasing vascular tone, helps to remove excess fluid from the body.

Parsley Leaf Extract

Helps cleanse the lymphatic vessels of accumulated toxins, enhances lymph circulation in the body and lymphatic drainage. Due to vitamin C, it maintains the elasticity and strength of blood vessels.

Hibiscus flower extract

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it prevents thinning and damage to the vascular walls.

LimFlow Composition

  • Cherry stem extract 150 mg

  • Parsley leaf extract 75 mg

  • Blackcurrant leaf extract 150 mg

  • Hibiscus flower extract 50 mg

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