Silver based products

Silver based products

In ancient times, magical properties were attributed to silver and considered sacred, military leaders used silver vessels and got sick less often, and in the 20th century, many craftsmen were looking for a way to ionize water. What is so unique about this metal and how does it help us during seasonal colds and flu?

Silver – a powerful natural antiseptic. Penetrating into an infected cell, silver ions inhibit the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, providing additional support to the immune system

The protective properties of "silver water"

Today, such ionized water is scientifically called a solution of colloidal silver. It is obtained by spraying nanoparticles of this element into highly purified demineralized water. Over time, silver particles, colliding with each other, precipitate, so special stabilizers are added to the solutions, which prevent the particles from sticking together, thereby making them more stable.

Silver is involved in many metabolic processes in the human body. It has an active bactericidal effect. Penetrating into an infected cell, the metal blocks its “breathing”; and closes the flow of nutrients to it.