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The ant tree is so called because all the cavities of its branches are inhabited by ants. The healing properties of this plant are well known to the indigenous people of Mexico and Peru, who call it the "divine tree". Its bark is a natural antibiotic used in folk medicine for many infectious ailments.

The natural product "Bark of the Ant Tree", made from the inner layer of the bark of this tree, has an antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect. It also has an immunostimulating effect.


The main substance of the bark, due to which it has an antibacterial effect. It is located in the inner layer of the cortex, prevents the growth and reproduction of gram-positive (staphylococci, streptococci) and gram-negative (brucella) microorganisms.

The antiviral activity of the bark is due to the ability of lapachol to inhibit the production of enzymes, without which the multiplication of viruses cannot occur. The bark of the ant tree is active against influenza, herpes, SARS, etc.

Antifungal properties are associated with the presence of xylodine in the bark, which, together with lapachol, inhibits the growth of many types of fungi, including vaginal fungi (candida, trichophyton). Even the wood of the ant tree is extremely resistant to various fungi: mushrooms never grow on the trunk of the ant tree.

The antiparasitic effect of the bark of the ant tree is expressed in the ability to inhibit the reproduction and development of intracellular parasites. Prevents invasion of pathogenic protozoa, creating an unfavorable environment for adaptive parasites, is included in the antiparasitic programs of herbal medicine.

Immunomodulatory properties allow the use of this unique plant in allergic and autoimmune processes in the body, without fear of their exacerbation. The bark increases the nonspecific resistance of the body, enhancing the mechanisms of cellular and humoral immunity. Most importantly, all these properties of the bark of the ant tree are confirmed by modern scientific research. It has also been proven that none of the isolated active components of the bark can reach the activity of the whole plant.

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