Coralbrite Toothpaste (80 g)

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Coralbrite Toothpaste with fossilized coral-based hydroxyapatite will help keep tooth enamel healthy and protect against cavities. It improves the processes of remineralization of tooth enamel, brightens it, reduces tooth sensitivity. 99.7% natural ingredients.

Coralbrite — one of the first toothpastes using a natural source of hydroxyapatite, fossil coral (Fossil Coral) from the Japanese island of Yonaguni (Yonaguni Island).

Hydroxyapatite CoralApatite® as a rich source of micro- and macroelements supplies the necessary minerals to the sites of incipient caries, providing remineralization and restoration of tooth enamel. Its coral origin also provides absorbent properties and a brightening effect.

Calcium carbonate from natural limestone complements and enhances the firming and brightening properties of the paste.

Allantoin and quercetin from onion extract with pronounced antioxidant activity and antiseptic properties enhance the preventive effect of the paste.

Unique mastic of pistachio tree from the Greek island of Chios — "Tears of Chios" — not only reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth, but together with Japanese mint oil provides a pleasant refreshing taste.

Coralbrite toothpaste is highly effective:

  • improves the remineralization of tooth enamel;
  • strengthens and restores enamel;
  • reduces tooth sensitivity;
  • polishes and brightens tooth enamel;
  • prevents caries.

How to use

For adults, apply a pea-sized amount of paste to a toothbrush and brush thoroughly, preferably after every meal, or at least twice a day, or as directed by a dentist.

Storage method

Store between 0 and +25C

Expiry date

2 years from production date

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