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"Coral-Mine" – a natural product made in Japan from deep-sea scleractinian corals collected in the Sea of ​​Japan, near the islands of Okinawa and Tokunoshima.

"Coral-Mine" regulates the mineral balance, normalizing the work of all organs and systems.

A sachet placed in water enriches it with useful minerals: restores the water-salt balance of the body, positively affects the functioning of the kidneys and digestive system, and regulates blood pressure.

Promotes the growth of bone and connective tissue. It has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body, has a mild tonic effect.

Coral-Mine Ingredients:

  • Powdered coral - 994 mg.
  • L-ascorbic acid - 5 mg.
  • Silver - 1 mg.

It serves to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis, and also regulates the excretory and digestive systems.

The effect of Coral-Mine / Coral-Mine on the body

  • the optimal pH value of blood, lymph, interstitial fluid is achieved;
  • thinning the blood;
  • the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system and digestive organs is reduced;
  • Oxygenates the blood;
  • normalizes blood sugar and blood pressure;
  • normalizes the functioning of the kidneys, digestive system and liver;
  • increases the elasticity of muscles and joints;
  • restores the structure of the body's bone and cartilage tissue.

One ​​gram mini sachet contains: crushed coral (995 mg), which contains approximately 70 vital elements (including calcium — 34.6%, magnesium — 2.16%, plus sodium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, fluorine, bromine, manganese, chromium, boron, carbon, zinc, selenium, copper, gold, etc.), L-ascorbic acid (5 mg).

Product reviews

A friend gave me a few bags of coral water. I put coral powder in a sachet in a bottle of water, as a friend taught me, and took this water during the day.
Here are my first impressions: water has a strong diuretic effect, and almost instantly. I visited the same place 12 times in a day.
I have a problem with edema, in the evening my legs are always swollen. As I began to drink this water, there was no edema at all and the weight decreased slightly.
I also sometimes have some small rough spots that itch a little. When I start taking vitamins, they disappear. And then they also disappeared after a few days, as I began to drink coral water.
And my sugar was at the upper limit of normal 5.5-5.8 in the morning. A week later I tried it on and was surprised - sugar 4.9.
In short, I bought myself a few more dietary supplements and I'm going to go to the Coral Club for diagnostics.
I have been using Coral Club products for 6 years now and have never had any problems with the ones I love the most: Coral-Mine, Microhydrin, Alfalfa and Ant Tree Bark. over the years, I have never been on sick leave (and before that, 2 times a year, at least 15-20 days with various colds and viral diseases, not counting the mandatory courses for exacerbations of osteochondrosis of the neck. I already forgot about the neck, osteochondrosis I don’t care at all, I suspect that it simply doesn’t exist anymore (I drink coral water stably.) The pressure is normal, sugar is normal, cholesterol has gone from the scale to 4.5 and has been like this for 4 years.
To say that the effect came immediately and was great would be a lie.
But the fact that the effect is to this day cannot be denied.
I have been taking products for about 3 months. On average, I spend about a hundred dollars a month on a set of dietary supplements. Of the required components: antioxidant H 500 and coral mine (coral powder for water).
There are obviously no visible improvements. The weight did not go away, but this was not promised to me. But the tone, endurance and improved memory and attention increased. I began to calmly endure stress, began to eat less junk food. though, for some reason, he began to smoke more) noted several times how coral water with H500 drunk from a hangover relieves a hangover within 10-15 minutes. He also noted the improvement in potency, with which at the age of 35, due to a sedentary lifestyle and overweight, being at an increased risk of stress, as well as frequent alcohol consumption, problems began, albeit minor, but.
Now I'm getting ready for Colovada.
We ourselves have been using these drugs for about 7 years, but intermittently and only when necessary. It is a good alternative to conventional chemical preparations because they are of natural origin. They are especially good for colds and food poisoning, as we eat products from ordinary stores. Of the preparations in the family, we use coral powder, ant bark and microhydrin. For wound healing, tea tree balm with emu oil helps well.
I drink water for the 7th day .. I very carefully observe the reaction of my body, every day there are changes in the body:

1st day - increased acidity (reflux esophagitis) disappeared, I watched the stomach and intestines all day, there were different reactions inside during the day

2nd day
The gastrointestinal tract calmed down, I began to feel changes in the muscles, since I have fibromyalgia and constant pain in the muscles, especially in the cervical region, the muscles relaxed, the pain began to pass, it was the first day without painkillers, after a long time

3rd day - there were pains in the pancreas and gallbladder, relief appeared in the evening, gases left, lightness in the abdomen

4th day - muscle spasms relaxed even more, by the evening I felt my kidneys. There was some kind of movement in this area, apparently my kidneys started to work

5th day - small white flakes appeared in the urine .. the pungent smell of urine disappeared .. I began to feel the taste of food, water, smells differently .. the daily regimen changed .. I began to feel drowsiness earlier, sleep became stronger

6th day - a strange ache in the muscle in the morning, closer to dinner, the muscles relaxed even more, they became soft to the touch, it became possible to turn the head to the side more without pain .. stiffness began to disappear .. still without painkillers .. there was lightness in the eyes. .by the evening, at first I felt shootings in the joints, especially in the knees, it appeared as if there was movement in the joints, itching, after 2 hours I noticed that the crunch in the joints had disappeared

7th day - the nervous system calmed down, irritability disappeared .. strength appeared ..
Some symptoms bothered me for a long time, so all of the above changes in my body were noticed without much difficulty.

This is only from one water for a week, if a person consciously approaches changes in the body
About such a simple way to be healthy as drinking pure structured water, they have long known how easy it is to do.
My family has been drinking just such water for more than six months, the result is that they got rid of frequent colds and SARS, and this is worth a lot.
And most importantly, my nerves are calm when I send the child to the garden.
Be healthy, do prevention - it's cheaper
It's done!
A study by the Slovenian BION Institute on the impact of Coral-Mine on water has been published in the scientific interdisciplinary journal Water Journal.
The publication brings together research on water
Congratulations to all on an important milestone in the life of the company!
Good afternoon!
For 5 years now, my family and I have been drinking the healing water of Coral Mine
What magic happens when I add 1 sachet - water becomes useful and our body starts to work in a normal mode, thanks to which I get the energy of life! Water binds and removes poisons, rejuvenating the body.
When I drink such water, I get energy (chronic fatigue disappears), the intestines begin to work, the skin becomes young and elastic!
I used to often confuse hunger and thirst. Starting to drink coral water correctly in sufficient quantities, I easily control my weight. Especially in summer, when not only water is lost with sweat, but also vital minerals.
Coral water is the perfect solution to this problem!

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