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"Coral Detox" – it is a comprehensive approach that ensures the natural removal of toxins from the body, cell health, activity and youth for many years.

The composition includes 4 products: «Assimilator» (90 capsules), "H-500" (60 capsules), "Coral-Mine" (30 sachets), "Coral Lecithin" (120 capsules).

"Assimilator" contains a complex of enzymes of plant origin with vitamins A and D, contributes to the quality breakdown of food products and reduces the formation of toxins.

"H-500" – antioxidant, protects the body from the effects of oxidative stress, promotes the production of cellular energy.

"Coral-Mine" – mineral composition from deep sea corals, which affects the mineral balance of the body, helps to eliminate water-soluble toxins.

"Coral Lecithin" – source of natural phospholipids, protects cell membranes from damage by toxins, improves liver function – the main filter of the body.

Product reviews

I drank Coral detox and now I drink anti-parasite. program.
My hair has stopped falling out!
I continue in the same spirit
ahead of the kolovad. I got myself fiber High Fiber and Daily Delicious!
Very cool detox
My whole family does a Coral detox.
We have been using Coral products for about three years, I am very satisfied with the results of my children and my
I am 25. I was desperate for a solution to my health problem.
Several months of examination and treatment in a leather hospital did not, unfortunately, give any tangible results!!!
I couldn't meet my friends, I was embarrassed, because my face was covered with purulent pimples!!!!
I drank the detox .. colo-vada!!! Followed all the rules and followed the diet !!!!
Now I'm happy with my result
Thank you for coral club!!!
I have already gone through the program several times, the program is great, I get the results already in the first week.
This is more energy, better sleep, the work of the digestive tract is getting better, even the mood is better.
Everything superfluous is displayed, therefore both volumes and weight are reduced.
For me, the purpose for which I take Detox is to wake up when I go sleepy, tired, I have no strength, energy and mood.
Coral Detox surprises every time with excellent results.
Good afternoon everyone, my husband and I have been drinking this program for a long time. For what?
First of all, it is an alkaline environment that gives health. Remember the expression: why are you so sour? A sour person is always in a bad mood.
Coral Detox is protection, cheerfulness, good mood, excellent health, excellent immunity.
I advise everyone to drink programs Coral Detox, Coral Detox plus.
What happened to me?

The state of sleep has improved, awakening is easy, there is enough energy for the whole day.
Now I feel cheerful and for me this is a victory.

It took 8 cm waist, 7 hips and 3-4 kg.

To say that I needed it - no, but I'm satisfied.
It's so nice when people say "You've changed so much, lost weight, got prettier"

True, one sadness - we need a new wardrobe

And yes - most importantly, I no longer carry a bag of pills with me from everything in the world. I almost forgot what it is.
And I am very glad about this, because the pills treat one thing, and cripple the other, I was told so in my childhood.
In the future, I plan to take Coral Detox every day, because I seem to have grown wings.
My amazing result with urolithiasis. I had kidney stones crushed. And from November 09, 2020, she began a comprehensive health improvement program with Coral Club products.
Against the background of Coral Detox + silver + parafight + alfalfa - the result of ultrasound: the kidneys are normal, there are no stones and sand in the kidneys!
Good evening, my name is Natalia, I am 54 years old.
I am new to Coral Club.
Passed the program: detox, parasitic and a marathon of lightness.

I was silent throughout the program, but I carefully read every comment and strictly adhered to the recommendations.

I won’t say that it was easy, but thanks to my mentor, I passed it safely.
And now I want to share my results:

The puffiness that tormented me for a long time is gone, there is no constipation, lightness and energy began to be present in the body, the fungus on the toenails disappeared.
And finally, minus 5 kg, I am very pleased with these results.
Thanks to this marathon, I learned how to eat right and lead a right lifestyle.
I really liked it, many thanks to all the participants of the marathon.
I'll be looking forward to the next one
How glad I am that CoralClub has become a way of my life!
I never thought about cleansing the body in the past, and today, I have already completed one of the CoralDetox cleansing programs - the removal of water-soluble and fat-soluble toxins
And now I'm 'drinking' myself with CoralMine living water - the water of Japanese centenarians using the HydraMax program
I already have my own feelings and results: a surge of energy, the fatigue that haunted me has passed, I get up early without problems, I sleep like in childhood, I fall asleep without any problems at all, my hair, nails, gums have become stronger!
In the morning, there is no 'pouch' under my right eye, which I have become accustomed to over the past 5 years, now, I do not depend on weather changes, earlier, on rain

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