Silver-Max Care (236 ml)

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Silver Max Properties

  • Contains colloidal silver – effective antiseptic.
  • It is quickly excreted from the body without accumulating and without causing skin pigmentation (argyria).
  • Manufactured with SilverSol Technology®, which ensures the high bioavailability and potency of silver.

Silver-Max Application

  • Accept ½ teaspoon per day 30 minutes before meals, dilute in a glass of water beforehand. The duration of admission is 10 days.

Main components of Silver Max

Colloidal Silver

Effectively acts on more than 350 types of pathogenic bacteria, including staphylococci and Helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach ulcers. Silver has a bactericidal effect: penetrating into an infected cell, it blocks the respiratory function of the bacterium and closes the flow of nutrients to it. It does not harm healthy cells. Silver binds to tissue proteins and forms a protective layer, promoting rapid cleansing and healing. How an antiseptic helps in the prevention of respiratory infections (SARS, influenza).

Silver-Max Composition

  • Purified silver at a concentration of 10 mg/ml

  • Purified water

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