FanDetox (30 Stick packs 4.5 g)

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FanDetox Properties

  • Protects the liver from the toxic effects of food, alcohol, drugs, lowers cholesterol, enhances detoxification of the body.
  • The product is based on only plant extracts prepared according to the recipe of the Korean scientist Song Hye Bok.

FanDetox Application

  • Adults: 1-2 sachets per day after meals, previously dissolved in 100 ml of warm or hot water.

The main components of FanDetox

Persimmon extract

A source of easily digestible sugars for energy nutrition of the liver.

Goji Berry Extract

These antioxidant berries have a beneficial effect on the liver as a source of betaine, which normalizes fat metabolism and protects the liver from alcohol and other toxic substances.

Mandarin Peel Extract

Accelerates the breakdown of fats, protects vitamin C from destruction.

Extracts of buckwheat and soy sprouts

They contribute to the removal of excess lipids and the restoration of damaged liver tissues.


Reduces blood cholesterol levels, promotes the elimination of toxins.


Protects the liver, has a positive effect on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.

Vitamin C

Strengthens blood vessels, lowers cholesterol, protects the body from toxins.

FanDetox Composition

  • Persimmon fruit extract

  • Goji Berry Extract

  • Mandarin Peel Extract

  • Buckwheat extract

  • Soy sprout extract

  • Dextrin

  • Ascorbic acid

Product reviews

I have been living according to the concept of health for almost a year now, I was worried about papillomas on my neck.
I went through 3 kolovadas, zaferan, Fandetoks.
But the papillomas did not go away, of course I was upset.
But now I bought Fandetox again at a promotion and what I began to notice: finally, the papillomas began to dry up ...
That is, I thought that I already drink a lot of the product, but they do not pass, but it turns out only when the result went, of course I understood that it was not fast, but I want everything at once)))
I am regularly on a healthy environment, I think this has also borne fruit ... In general, the papilloma virus is not fast, but possible
Be healthy !
This product of the coral club was recommended by the doctor during exacerbation of atopic dermatitis, because whatever one may say, all skin problems arise due to problems with the digestive tract.
According to the recommendation, fandetox should be dissolved in a glass of warm water, drunk before going to bed and lie down on your right side. It tastes like a sweetish drink of an incomprehensible taste. The color is a dark brown.
According to the doctor, fandetox promotes the outflow of bile, which most likely happens in reality.
Discomfort in the right side disappears and the skin condition improves. Great natural product!
Somehow, from a hangover, a friend gave Fandetox to drink.
I poured the contents of the stick into warm water, stirred it and said: Drink!
The taste and color slightly resembled chicory.
I won’t say that the taste is unpleasant, but you can’t call this potion tasty either. But he drinks well. And most importantly, what an effect!
Within 20 minutes I felt much better. Not exactly good. But 70% percent
As a friend explained to me, and I later read it myself, this drug is a hepatoprotector, and is used to cleanse the liver.
In addition, it relieves intoxication well. And it contains absolutely no chemicals. It is one of the best drugs for the treatment and prevention of the liver.
In general, I took a pack of 30 sticks and drank it safely.
On the first days of admission, I felt nauseous. As I was later explained, this was the beginning of the liver cleansing process.
An effective course of prevention and treatment is at least 2 and preferably 3 months. For if the liver is not very neglected, then after three months of regular intake, you will receive an almost new liver.
All in all, I highly recommend taking the course.
The drug, by the way, also discourages the desire for alcohol.
I noticed that my complexion began to change, without foundation it was scary to look at myself in the mirror in the morning - the skin of some grayish tint. She passed the tests, showed that the work of the liver was disturbed. It is not surprising, in general, I live in such a rhythm that I don’t pay attention to what I eat, plus cigarettes, and it’s a sin to hide - periodically alcohol. Of course, the liver can not stand this. There is no time to go to droppers, I bought myself such an additive for a month - coral club fan detox - I was bribed by the fact that it is on a natural basis, which means I will not stuff my body with another chemistry.
I drank a sachet three times a day, diluted with plain water, it tastes good, and most importantly, it is very useful.
And the effect was also impressive - the skin began to change its color literally in the second week of taking it, I began to feel much more cheerful, nausea and an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth disappeared, I always thought that I had it all the time, but it turned out that you can get rid of this, if you help your body a little. Now fandetox is like an ambulance for me - if I feel tired again and starts to feel sick, then I drink it for several days, and I feel good again.
I bought FunDetox for myself at a time when I had skin rashes. They were very annoying, because they appeared and disappeared. The beautician once told me that it could be from poor liver function, that the liver needs to be cleaned. I didn't want to drink chemicals.
There was an option to drink herbs, but there was no time to constantly mess with their brewing. That's why I bought FanDetox. And I can say that he really helped me. FanDetox is a stick, similar to those that sell coffee. And when you pour it into a cup, it also looks like coffee. All this must be poured with boiling water and let stand for a couple of minutes, then you can drink.
The composition includes extracts of goji berries, persimmons, mandarin peel, buckwheat, soy sprout, as well as vitamins. In general, this drink helped me a lot in the fight against acne.
Hello, I will tell you the background why I started drinking Fan detox. In general, I was treated by a trichologist because my hair fell out a lot due to severe dehydration of my body (my vitamins in the body, to put it mildly, were at a minimum).
After powerful drugs that have a bad effect on the liver (my omission that I did not find out about the side effects). Then I started to treat the liver, I took a course and did a dropper, BUT bilirubin did not decrease at all ((((and I was already tired of being treated, one doctor said one thing, another doctor said another, I spent a lot of money! Then, I told, I even complained about our doctors and about their methods of treatment and a friend who lives in Belgium said, listen to my advice and drink this fan detox, but it turned out that she has been drinking the products of this company for 3.5 years and says that she has never had the flu and has never been to the hospital except for a gynecologist Well, of course, I immediately bought it and tried it, I drank for a month and can you imagine my bilirubin dropped a month later!!! Doctors with their treatment could not lower bilirubin for 3 months!! So guys, decide for yourself!
For the sake of my own safety, I bought a coral club for the FanDetox family. These unremarkable packets improve liver function and prevent a hangover from breaking out the day after the party.
Here, during all the holidays, we drink what my husband has, what his sister has, that I have never had a headache

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