Referral Bonus: New Opportunities for Coral Club Consumers!

Almost every day we see how some of you recommend Coral Club products to your friends or acquaintances. This is a great incentive for the company to offer you the highest quality products for your active longevity and excellent health. And the desire to encourage the loyalty of our beloved club members is understandable!

The company gives you a Referral Bonus. And this is – a great opportunity to get your favorite products cheaper or even get them for free!

You recommended the product to your friends, and they, using your referral code or club number, registered in Coral Club. Now they buy the company's products at a club price (20% less than the retail price), and the company credits you with 5% of the points value of their purchases.

Isn't it a tempting offer?

Let's see how it works in practice!

A simple example: Let's say you recommend a detox program to your friend Natasha Colo-Vada Light Set.

Using your referral code, Natasha registers on the site as a member of the club and purchases the Colo-Vada Light Set at the club price. After purchase, 5% of the points value of the Machine Order will be credited to your account:

5% of 50 points = $2.5

This means that your next "health basket" will cost you $2.5 cheaper. So, if you want to buy Colo-Vada Light Set for yourself, then spend $59.5 instead of $62, and the «SuperMango Bar» you can get absolutely free. Making profitable purchases is even more pleasant!

And this – just the beginning: from now on, any Coral Club product that Natasha buys will bring you 5% in the form of a Referral Bonus.

A friendly service brings mutual benefits: you help your acquaintances to purchase unique products for health and active longevity at a club price and, at the same time, increase your point "capital", which you will later pay for your purchases – partially or completely.

More points – more savings!

Recommend our products to acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors, friends on social networks. They will thank you for the opportunity to improve the quality of life of the whole family, and Coral Club will thank you with a Bonus of recommendations! Everyone wins!

Natasha can also recommend the product and the company to her friends and receive a Referral Bonus for this.

Do you remember about the return discount, which gives you the opportunity to buy even more profitable? It's very easy to get it. Every time you make a purchase yourself, or someone buys on your recommendation, you accumulate points.

As soon as the total amount of purchases reaches 500 points, you can purchase products even cheaper! Your club card will become a Premium card, and you – Premium Consumer, in which case the company will give you an an additional 10% rebate.

Double benefit – Referral bonus stacks with your rebate.

Let's look at another example:

You – premium consumer. In September, your personal purchases amounted to 200 points, and thanks to your rebate discount, you have accumulated 20 CU:

200*10% = $20

The club members you invited (Natasha and others) bought products for a total of 400 points. 5% of this amount is returned to your account in the form of Referral Bonus:

400*5% = $20

20 c.u. + 20 c.u. = $40 that you use to pay for your future purchases. Agree, everything is extremely simple!

Now suppose that in October you were away and did not buy anything yourself, but Natasha and others purchased products for a total of 600 points. With zero activity on your part, the Recommendation Bonus brought you:

600*5% = $30

So, on your points account:

40 c.u. + 30 c.u. = 70 c.u. e.

which you use to pay for your next orders.

It is up to you to choose which Coral Club products you will spend your bonus points on. For example, The Pack of Life is completely free!

You can receive this or other products of a similar value from the company in gratitude for your orders and orders for your recommendation!

Great, isn't it?