Registration in Coral Club

Please carefully study the conditions of registration in the Coral Club on the official website using the referral link:

  • By clicking on this link, you confirm your desire to join the Coral Club in the structure of Yaroslav Shevchuk, who becomes your Recommender / Consultant;
  • By clicking on this link, you confirm your desire to receive information about the Company's products, the concept of its application and the principles of the Company's work from the Recommender / Consultant.

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Rules for registering a new club member on the website

Coral Club — this is a community of like-minded people who, choosing the company's products, choose changes for the better. HLS — this is the style of our community, and Coral Сlub — a place where you can meet people who share the values ​​of health, beauty and development

You can join the club on the recommendation of — club member invitation. Recommender — your product navigator and guide to the world of business opportunities Coral Club provides for consumers and distributors. If someone in your family is already a member of the club, then you should indicate it as a recommender.

If you register in the club on your own, without a recommender, then, depending on your location, the service will select a consultant who will help you navigate the range of health products, accompany you through comprehensive programs and answer all questions that arise when using the product or interacting with the company.

Why join a club?

Club members receive a permanent 20% discount on all products of the Coral Club brand and other brand lines, as well as access to seasonal special offers and promotions, the opportunity to receive cashback, learn for free and participate in healthy lifestyle events held by company. It is important to understand that by registering with Coral Club, you become a member of the Coral Club discount program.

In relations with members of the club, we adhere to the rules of maximum openness and honesty. Please read and follow the Members Policy to ensure that your experience with the company is pleasant and comfortable.

Get to know the basic terms used in Coral Club

As soon as you register and receive a unique club number, you will be assigned the status of a membership candidate. Now for 90 days you can enjoy a club discount (-20% off the retail price) when shopping on the website or in sales offices. If you do not make a purchase within 90 days, your club number will be deactivated.

To receive an indefinite discount, make a starting order (one-time purchase for 12 or more points) and go to the status of consumer.

Consumer — a club member with a unique club number, which provides the opportunity to buy Coral Club products at club prices, receive bonuses for purchases on the recommendation and for inviting new club members. Also, each consumer has a personal referral link, with which you can share the discount with your friends in 2 clicks. Go to your personal account, copy the link, send it to your friends or post it on social networks. When registering using your link, friends and acquaintances will also be able to get a 20% discount on purchases at Coral Club, and you will receive cashback from each purchase you refer.

Terms of registration in Coral Club

1. By registering using a referral link or under the club number of the recommender / consultant:

1.1. You confirm your desire to join the structure of the recommender / consultant who told you about Coral Club and invited you to the club, or the recommender / consultant offered by the automatic selection service on the site

1.2. You agree to receive information about Coral Club products and special offers.

2. Conditions for changing recommenders:

2.1. Recommender change is possible only after deactivation of your club number and on the condition that none of your close relatives or spouse buys Coral Club products within 12 calendar months.

2.2. After your club number is deactivated, you can re-register under a new referrer.

3. Conditions for disseminating information about Coral Club products:

3.1. Candidates, Consumers, Premium Consumers may not create websites either to promote Coral Club products and concepts or to sell products. We recommend maintaining personal and business pages on social networks, personal recommendations, promoting products / buying products with your discount through instant messengers.

3.2. It is unacceptable to post information about the company's products on e-commerce sites for the purpose of selling and reselling the product.

3.3. It is unacceptable to spread false information about products, including attributing medicinal properties to any product.

For non-compliance with the rules, we reserve the right to block the club number, depriving the right to place orders and purchase products at club prices.