Creation of the Coral Club distributor website

Our team specializes in website development. We have created a platform for distributors and an information site for consumers of the company Coral Club %%_cityr_ %%.

Any business depends on the tools that you use in your work. One of them is our platform, which allows you to replicate your online promotion strategy.

Using their website, distributors have the opportunity to disseminate information using modern means of communication and social networks, attracting new consumers.

In addition, the site is also your calling card!

Why does a distributor need a website?

The Internet has become a virtual market where everyone finds something necessary and valuable for themselves. To advance in this market, you need promotion with interesting offers of a product or service. Why does the distributor of Coral Club need a website, you ask, because there is an official website of the company? If you send your customers to the company's website, and not to your resource, by doing so you are promoting the company, not yourself.

The personal website of the distributor Club Club is your round-the-clock office, as well as an important and powerful tool for work. It is your business card, which should not be offered, but should be placed on the Internet, where your potential customers, as well as partners, are already looking for the necessary information and are ready to join your team, the main thing is to give them what they need right now.

Our advantages

Website uniqueness

Now, instead of books and CDs with a link to your personal website, you can share information and engage consumers. The site contains valuable and necessary information on improving the body with Coral Club.

Website URL

You can choose ANY address for your Coral Club distributor site available (free) from any domain name registrar (for example, GoDaddy).

Referral link Coral Club

Each page of the site is set up for your referral link assigned to you in Coral Club. Site visitors from any of your pages can register under you and order products through the catalog by clicking on your referral link.

Training your partners

With the help of the site, you can educate your partners, as well as inform consumers about new products and wellness programs. They can share information and engage consumers with minimal effort.

Virtual business card

For feedback and communication with visitors, there is a feedback system on the pages of the Coral Club Distributor's website. With its help, potential partners can easily contact you.


If a visitor left a comment on the site, you will be notified by e-mail to participate in the discussion.

Website traffic statistics

You can track the collection and analysis of visit information, as well as activity on the site using statistics Yandex.Metrics or Google.Analytics.

Responsive Version

The site is also adapted for mobile version. You can share links and manage the site from mobile devices.

Technical Support

We provide full technical support for your site, as well as advice on its use.

SSL certificate

Provides a secure experience and increases the trust of visitors to your site.

How much does a Coral Club distributor website cost?

Distributor website - $200 one-time

Domain name (*.ru)  - $30 per year

Hosting for placing a site on the network - $20 per year

How to design your mini site in Coral Club?
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